Running time:     78'

Director:             Dargay Attila

Production:         Pannonia Film in association with Infafilm GmbH

Mum Vixen gathers her cubs for a night’t rest. Meanwhile their father, Kag the Fox, is setting out on a hunt for food. Vuk the young cub, without his parents’ permission, sneaks after him. His father spots Vuk and sends him home, but on his way home Vuk hunts for frogs, gets tired, and gets lost. He owes his life to this mischief, for in the course of his hunt Kag attracts a foxhunter’s attention, and his dog discovers the foxes’ burrow. All the foxes get killed, with the exception of our little vagabond, Vuk. His old, kind-hearted relative, Karak, takes Vuk into his home. He patiently teaches the young cub the laws of  the forest and instructs him hunting skills he needs for subsistence. The little cub, who was born in the spring, grows up, and in summer, hunting under cover of fields of ripened wheat, he has made himself a name as the most dangerous animal of prey. Karak is proud of Vuk, the cub he has reared.

In the course of his roamings Vuk comes to the house of Smoothskin,a human being Karak warned him against –in vain. Vuk discovers that a gentle young vixen is held captivated in a cage there. He promises her that he would free her. He even persuades Karak to help him, and one stormy night the two of them, at great risk to therir lives, free the captive. From now on, Karak shares his dwelling place with the two young ones. Their happiness is short-lived, the hunter, sick and tired of seeing his stock of poultry dwindling rapidly, starts a hunt with a pack to get the foxes. Now Vuk’s cunning is to no avail – Karak is mortally wounded in a hail of bullets.

Vuk vows vengeance against Smoothskin for his friend’s death. He snatches Smoothskin’s last two jealously guarded geese. The hunter sets up fox-traps in the vicinity of his cottage. At first, the sharpened iron catches the two dogs he turned out of his house and shooed away. Next, it is him who steps into one of his own traps. Vuk and his mate enjoy themselves in Karak’s spacious burrow, taking delight in the sight of their little cubs.