Running time:    80'

Director:            József Gémes

Production:        Pannonia Film

Once upon a time lived a little boy in Budapest who had two hobbies: playing truant from school and hunting. Since in a crowded city he had not much opportunity to pursue the latter passion of his, he had to make do with whatever he could find: a cat, or sparrows. As he didn’t posses the luck of hunters, he had to make up for the lost opportunities in his imagination.

Once however, Sparrina, the fairy of the sparrows got fed up with all the antics he waged against her protected sparrows and turned him into a sparrow in order to teach him a lesson by making him personally experience the sparrows’ not at all easy life. And so it happened. The little sparrow, who  used to be a boy, went through a great number of adventures. He managed to make friends as well as enemies, but in the end he passed the test and with his human mind and courage managed to gain victory for his small group against the evil adversary, although not without some help from the fairies.

He got also rewarded for his good deeds. Willy was not only transformed back into a little boy, but he was also given such a wonderful and miraculous present by the kind old fairy that it changed the whole of his life.