Running time:   79’

Director:           Attila Dargay

Producer:          Pannonia Film

In the rush of a flood Sophie is carried away and is rescued by a strange old woman. The old woman renames her Saffi, the name of her cat, and raises her as if she were her own daughter.

After the death of his father, Jónás is reared by wandering Gypsies. Jónás goes to see his heritage, a castle, and finds it lying in ruins. The dream of his life seems devastated.  He is driven by hunger to the hut of the old woman, and he first thinks she is a witch and her cat and daughter, the two Saffis, the same person.

Jónás first looks for his wife elsewhere but after a lot of intrigue and confusion it dawns on him that Saffi is the only girl for him. Jónás and Saffi get married at a lavish wedding feast. In due time, Saffi gives birth to little Saffi.