Running time:  72’

Director:          Ottó Foky

Production:      Pannonia Film 

Sam the Squirrel is different from his brothers and sisters and other fellow squirrels: he’s got a large black tuft at the end of his tail. He is a good-humoured chap, always curious about things, prankful and a sluggard. He does not like to study. He has caused a lot of annoyment to his parents, brothers and to his teacher. One day, instead of going to school, he runs away and goes out into the world, determined to find the Everbearing Tree. For he figures that a fellow who takes up his abode under that tree will never have to work and study, as all that he has to do is open his mouth, and the titbits will just drop into it. He travels by a lorry to the seacoast, from there he sails to Africa.

Although he finds the Everbearing Tree he travels back home and goes back to school in order to master the skill and knowledge that will enable him to get what he really needs at a place where there are no everbearig trees.