Running time:    26 x 26'

Director:            József Nepp

Production:         Pannonia Film

This series tells the stories of  this family’s funny but sometimes hairraising adventures. The head of the family is Mrs Paula Mézga, of course. Her desires and demands make things happen. In the good old times she married well below herself – Géza Mézga is a simple clerk lacking any kind of practicality. She does not fail to constantly remind him of this fact especially when the situation is hectic. At times like this she sighs and remarks that she refused Steve Hufnágel’s hand in Géza’s favour.

The parents have two children. Aladár, a taciturn little boy engaged in mysterious  experiments and Kriszta, a teenage chatterbox. The fifth character of the series is the very much hated neighbour, Mr Máris.