Running time:    93'

Director:            Béla Ternovszky

Production:        Pannonia Film

Cat gangs, organized into crime syndicates, are preparing for a final showdown with the lawabiding mice. Normal power relations favour the cats, thus making an ultimate war appear completely hopeless for the mice.

However,  the mice acquire information that in the Far East, a certain Professor Fushimishi has invented an apparatus which, if deployed in the fighting, might give them a chance of winning the war. The mice dispatch Grabowski, their cleverest agent, on an assignment to get hold of the blueprints. But the crafty cats send four ’blood-thirsty’ rats on Grabowski’s trail.

After numerous surprise twists and turns and wild adventures Grabowski and Dick finally manage to lay their hands on the blueprints. The mice are then able to prepare their cattrap, by means of which they succeed in restoring the crazy cats to normality, the story thus ending happily for all concerned.