(series without dialogue)

Running time:    26 x 7'

Director:            Zsolt Richy

Production:        Pannonia Film

A true big city fairy tale. Where there are children, fairy tales will grow. This fairy tale lives in an old suitcase. The suitcase opens and the fairy tale steps out: it is a bunny, THE BUNNY WITH THE CHEQUERED EARS.  With his binoculars over his shoulder, he bounces over to the chimney to find out what his friends are doing.

Of course something always happens to them, so he must help, now, immediately, right away! His big chequered ears start spinning like the rotar of a helicopter. They spin and spin, and in a minute he lands right in the middle of the tragic events, where he tries to do things until everything turns out right.  When the stroy is over the bunny flies back into his old suitcase.