Running time:    96'

Director:            József Nepp

Production:       Pannonia Film company in association with Infafilm GmbH

Queen Constance Fridget is suffering badly from ennui, and in order to bring some bright moments into her life she has taken to poisoning her retainers. Arrogance, the First Lady-in-waiting takes preventive measures: persuades her royal mistress to undertake the burden of child-bearing.

Under the custom of fairy.tales, this requires the Queen to prick a finger of hers with her tambour needle. The needle, which is poisoned, is supplied by Couldntcareless, the court sage. Queen Fridget is poisoned to death.

Couldntcareless subjects the egg of the King’s, Leo Lion-Wart, chicken to a treatment, breeding in it No-White. The offspring is born in the shape of an encased larva so repulsive it fills everyone with disgust. Arrogance is made queen, she gets the the King to develop a habit of overindulgence in meat and this in due time leads to the bloating and eventual bursting of the sovereign.

In the meantime, No-White has grown into a giant heavy wench strong as an ox. No-White presents a threat to the planned marriage of Arrogance with the ruling Prince of Retrograde, Edgar the Shortsighted. Therefore she must be destroyed. No-White withdraws to the woods finding shelter at the seven dwarfs. No-White sets about tidying up the house, knocking it into ruins.

The dwarfs complain to Queen Arrogance, who now resolves to dispatch the girl in person. But in the meantime Edgar arrives to the dwarf-house and suddenly falls in love with the Queen who has been ’reshaped’ by Couldntcareless. The couple leaves happily and the dwarfs at last feel sorry for the weeping No-White and let her live with them in the house.