Running time80'

Director:          Jenő Koltai, Tibor Hernádi

Production:      Pannonia Film Ltd., Trebitsch Produktion International GmbH,

                         Feature Films For Families, Hungarian Television in association

                         with InterPannonia Film Ltd.

On a rainy late afternoon a little dog is thrown out of his masters’ car onto the highway right in the middle of a forest.

Bobo, our hero, feeling scared of the rain and the unknown, seeks shelter under a bush where he is found by six little bunnies the next bright and sunny morning.

Curiousity is stronger than fear, and soon a cautious friendship turns into genuine brotherhood. After saving the life of one of his new friends, Bobo finally becomes the seventh broher of the rabbit family.

The rabbits do their best to make a bunny out of Bobo, but after a while, he becomes fed up with the endless running-away-business so he tries to change his new-found brothers and sisters into dogs.

This causes a lot of trouble amongst the forest animals. ’Where will it lead to if the bunnies snarl at foxes and the dogs eat carrots?’

But just when the forest council is about to discuss this unacceptable situation, real danger appears in the forest: it is invaded by poachers and their loud but stupid dog.

With the help of his new brothers and sisters, our hero saves the forest from the poachers and thus he finally wins the frienship and appreciation of all animals.