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InterPannonia Film

Filmproduction and Filmdistribution Ltd.


InterPannonia Film – as a subsidiary of Trebitsch Produktion Holding, Hamburg – is a producer and distributor of animated movies and series produced exclusively in international coproduction for children.

InterPannonia Film’s main coproduction partners are : Feature Films For Families (USA), Trebitsch Produktion Holding (Germany), S4C (UK), NHK (Japan), YLE (Finland).

With the financial contribution of the above mentioned partners, the following movies were produced: The Princess and the Goblin, The Seventh Little Brother, Santa Claus and the Magic Drum.

TF1, Columbia Tristar, Warner Home Video and all the leading broadcasters worldwide are among the most frequent buyers of InterPannonia Film. The company deals only with valuable, touching, non-violent films requiring high artistic and technical level.

Regarding the domestical affairs, InterPannonia Film not only distributes its own films successfully, but also acquires licences of European and American animated movies for theatrical, TV, home video and DVD release. Considerable success has been achieved on the Hungarian market on the field of book-publishing and merchandising as well as in the production, the acquiry and the distribution of animated features and series for children.

Although the productions on this website stand as a core of InterPannonia Film’s library, more films are available, so please do not hesitate to ask for further information.

AdDress:        1145 Budapest, Gyarmat utca 36., Hungary

Phone:                 (36) (1) 267-6514, 267-6515

Fax:                       (36) (1) 267-6516